Collection: Chanel

In this series, photographer Jamie Nelson created a collection of Chanel images which questions a cultural obsession with excessive branding. 

Nelson collaborated with artist Dylan Egon to create custom faux Chanel pieces. In contrast, Anna Katsanis styled the series using authentic Chanel—inviting the viewer to guess what is real and what is faux.

The images illustrate how a simple logo cultivated over time can hypnotize society. Nelson parodies the absurdities of brand obsession and logo consumption—from a microscopic Chanel eye-booger, to a fully Chanel tattooed face—even a Chanel handgun. 

Nelson questions how far we take our logo-laden identities—spending exorbitant money on anything and everything adorned with a fashion symbol. Anyway, what if, in the end it was all a farce and proven to be faux all along?