Collection: Hedonism

“An artist might be attracted to hedonism, but of course an artist is not a hedonist.  He’s a worker, always. –David Hockney

In this series, photographer Jamie Nelson explores hedonism through a collection of imagery inspired by iconic parties at her pink mansion in Los Angeles.  Art imitates life as Nelson becomes a voyeur at her own event while documenting a cast of colorful hooligan friends preforming their typical shenanigans.

She invites a rowdy crowd who share her love for a bygone era.  Men riding custom motorcycles arrive loudly and park poolside.  Women primp in velvet bedrooms exchanging their wet swimsuits for glamorous evening attire.  True to form, Nelson dyes her pool pink and ignites smoke bombs skyward for the ultimate pink palace experience.

This series offers a firsthand peek into the artist’s eclectic life and the wild subculture surrounding her.  Her tribe effortlessly presents themselves as living art–straight out of a 1970’s John Waters Film.

Although Nelson normally participates in the Hedonistic festivities, above all, she is an artist and a worker, always.