Collection: Mini

“…I think art lies in both directions – the broad strokes, big picture but on the other hand, the minute examination of the apparently mundane.  Seeing the whole world in a grain of sand… “–Peter Hammil

In this series, Jamie Nelson showcases her rare talent in shooting extreme close-up beauty images.  Drawing from her intense technical schooling, Nelson blends a scientific macro process with the edge and glamour of the fashion and beauty world.

Nelson zooms in with scientific precision, focusing from the tip of an eyelash to a colorful lipstick swipe.  Meanwhile, she manages to evoke depth and personality from her mode­­ls–even if only part of an eye or mouth is shown.

When magazines have presented her with the choice of shooting beauty or fashion, Nelson has always opted for the drama of close-up beauty.  “When flipping through a magazine, there is nothing like the impact of the in-your-face boldness of macro beauty.  In macro photography, you cannot hide lighting or compositional mistakes like you can in fashion photography,” Nelson states.

In a world of smoothed skin and overly filtered images, Nelson redefines beauty in the rawness and clarity of postproduction.  As Neil Blumenthal states “Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity.”  Nelson’s unapologetically close-up style celebrates the subject’s personality by magnifying their natural pores, freckles, and birthmarks.

Nelson’s innate eye for detail combined with her technical skill has led her to collaborate with top cosmetic companies all over the world.