Collection: Self-Pleasure

“A real pleasure is a pleasure that one enjoys by one’s self, without a companion, and without a single argument.”­ —Sholom Aleichem

In this self-pleasure series, Jamie Nelson juxtaposes her quirky sense of humor with overt sensuality to convey a new wave female gaze.  Nelson’s use of saturated colors and decadent femininity synthesizes with her debaucherous rock and roll edge.

From an array of sex toys to a sea of blow-up dolls–Nelson conducts a symphony of unbridled fun and emboldened sexuality.  With her models adorned in patent leather, phallic heels, and shiny latex, Nelson celebrates the stag woman’s self-assurance through sexual freedom.

As a happily single female entrepreneur, Nelson suggests a partner is unnecessary to enjoy one’s most pleasurable self.  Moreover, this series acts as a metaphor for life, leading the viewer to question their own relationship with self-pleasure.